Founding Perygee

Mollie Breen
Mollie Breen
Co-founder & CEO
Oct 25, 2022

The entire world will be connected. As more and more physical systems are stitched into a digital fabric, operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT) are merging. Some may say IT is overtaking the OT world -- it is the internet after all that is enabling these technologies to be monitored and controlled remotely. Others may say OT is overtaking the IT world -- we are on track for OT devices to outnumber IT devices 4 to 1. Instead, these two worlds are merging at full speed to coexist and intermingle -- opening up opportunities and risks. An IoT/OT security platform needs to exist within a paradigm where it can understand both at the same time.

I was first exposed to these colliding worlds during my time at NSA when I saw firsthand how vulnerable these IoT/OT devices are. I knew right away I didn’t want to just secure them. I didn’t want to perpetuate a culture of security teams having to play whack-a-mole with alerts or continue patching security vulnerabilities in a leaky bucket. Later, I would be able to characterize this as leaning too hard on the “IT” side of the “IT/OT convergence.” Solving for security alone can slow down a business’s adoption of new technology, and I care too much about the future of the world, the resilience of our internet networks, and everyone impacted by them to limit how far and how fast digital innovation can go. New technology is not the enemy, and yet it seems security teams can spend all day waging war with the facilities teams about security practices instead of fighting the bad guys. I started Perygee on the premise that it needs to be easier for any organization to secure IoT/OT in a frictionless-way.

Since expressing the vision for the first time and now, we’ve stayed laser focusd on solving the key IT/OT problem for organizations: secure the expanding attack surface of IoT and OT while minimizing disruption to the business. We’ve doubled down on an easy-to-use, comprehensive IoT/OT cybersecurity platform that can be set up in minutes, see value in hours, and make it easy to continue to get value over time.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter where we go from not only making it easy but also making it possible for anyone to get started managing devices. If you have ever hesitated because you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to IoT/OT, we built it so that the platform grows with you. If you have ever been frustrated because you have tried current options and found them heavy, fragmented, or expensive, I encourage you to try this.

Users can go from pieces of information on IoT/OT devices, and Perygee will stitch it together, enrich it, and provide the building blocks to build workflows and dashboards to track devices' locations or respond to security events for devices based on business operations. Users are powered by the Perygraph, a powerful way of leveraging critical data about IoT/OT devices.

We’re excited about the growth ahead, and connecting with you as we power a securely connected world.

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