Smart security for your smart devices

Empowering teams to design their ideal IoT/OT security solution with no-code tools, automated workflows, and customizable data.
Built for your quirks
Every device and every organization operates differently, which is why Perygee adapts to your specific environment
Purpose-built for IoT/OT
Easy no-code interface
Endless integration options
No add-on maintenance costs

Unify your data

Did you know that 78% of organizations use more than 50 cybersecurity products? And still many rely on spreadsheets to keep track of non-security information like OT owner and device location. How can that be!?

In just a few clicks, you can bring all your device, security, and organizational data together in Perygee. You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for security.

Customize your experience

Many security products are so complex that their expert users wear that badge of honor in their LinkedIn profiles. Perygee is not one of those products. Our no-code platform allows anyone to create custom dashboards with rich insights related to your IoT/OT devices.

Protect your assets

Protecting cyber-physical devices requires an understanding of the people and processes that manage their day-to-day operations.

At Perygee, we offer passive monitoring to identify devices and anomalous behavior on your network without the risk of knocking them over. You can also quickly remediate vulnerabilities or onboard new devices with dashboards and forms that interface directly with OT stakeholders.

Automate your workflows

Let’s be real. We didn’t invent automations, and you likely automate simple workflows today. However, with Perygee automations are limitless and require no development resources.

With our visual builder you can configure new automations in seconds based on pre-defined or custom events such as anomalous behavior or changes to your data.
A complete IoT/OT security solution awaits
Are you ready to level-up your cyber-physical security posture? Let's talk and get you started today.