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Power up your IoT and OT security with Perygee’s game-changing graph-based data platform.



Security teams often make decisions about their IoT and OT device security using imperfect information. Why? Because it’s scattered, unstructured, and even undocumented. And until Perygee, there hasn’t been a solution capable of unifying any type of data into a single source of truth. Layer on custom workflows to supercharge productivity and that’s Perygee.

Deploy in minutes

Traditional security software takes months to implement. Through integrations and data imports, Perygee can be running in your environment in minutes.

Easy to customize

Perygee’s no-code tools allow anyone to build dashboards and workflows with ease. Even complex querying and data modeling are streamlined tasks.

Sensible pricing

No complicated tiers, gated features, or extra fees for custom integrations or additional users. Perygee’s pricing is designed for enterprise-wide collaboration.

Flexible &


  • Knowledge graph combines open-source intelligence with network and company-specific data
  • Adding, removing, or changing data fields is as simple as doing it in a spreadsheet
  • Seamlessly query and build automated workflows around a unified data architecture

Why big data is not enough - the value of little data

Big data has been in the headlines for decades, and its purpose is undisputed. The problem, however, isn’t in the quality of the insights but rather in the ability to turn the insights into action using little data.

This white paper explores the challenges of collecting little data, the consequences when organizations don’t have easy access to it, and a framework for implementing little data best practices.

White Paper



Multidimensional Visibility

Detailed IoT and OT device profiles are created from automated OSINT combined with network and operations data.

Enterprise-Wide Consolidation

Integrations and a best-in-class spreadsheet import tool make it easy to unify your data from all parts of the organization.

Lifecycle Management

Centralize onboarding processes, track updates and maintenance, and get notified when your devices reach end of life.

Continuous Compliance

Automated evidence collection, real-time checks, and data consolidation allow you to meet compliance with common standards (e.g. NERC CIP, HIPAA, PSI DSS, ISO 27001).

Security Segmentation

Create boundaries or security zones around your assets that are informed by their operational function and risk profile.

Risk-Based Prioritization

Create your own risk scores and prioritization methodology using enterprise-context and various inputs from Perygee’s knowledge graph (e.g. CVEs, lifecycle status).

Graph-based data platform with custom security workflows

See how Perygee can eliminate the IoT and OT data-intensive tasks that have your security team bogged down.

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Perygee's mascot, Davice, is interacting with an image carousel

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