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The complete and lightweight platform for IoT/OT security

Imagine every important detail about your assets from location to lifecycle status to vulnerabilities is at your fingertips, in one place. It’s normalized and ready for you to take action. That’s your future with Perygee.

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I can add custom fields as I go as if it were a spreadsheet!
A table in the Perygee platform
Importing data in the Perygee platform
No-code workflow builder in the Perygee platform
Drag and drop widgets to create a new dashboard

Meet the Perygraph

The Perygraph is the data engine that powers the Perygee platform. Unlike other security solutions, the Perygraph is 100% customizable and it combines private and open data to enrich your asset inventory.

Perygee's data engine called the Perygraph

Complete data. ✅
Tools to take action. ⬇️

Unify your digital and physical worlds

78% of organizations use more than 50 cybersecurity products. And still many rely on spreadsheets to keep track of non-security information like OT owner and device location. How can that be!?

With Perygee’s import tool, you can bring together and normalize all your device, security, and organizational data in just a few clicks. You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for security.

Importing asset data and matching to existing data in Perygee

Protect your assets

Protecting cyber-physical devices requires an understanding of the people and processes that manage their day-to-day operations.

With Perygee, when an anomaly is detected or vulnerability discovered you can interface directly with IoT/OT stakeholders using custom dashboards, forms, and workflows.

Network monitoring with a packet timeline

Customize your experience

Many security products are so complex that their users wear their expertise as a badge of honor. Perygee is not one of those products. Our no-code platform allows anyone to create custom dashboards in minutes with rich insights related to your IoT/OT devices.

Drag and drop widgets including a bar chart and list of vulnerabilities

Automate your workflows

Let’s be real. We didn’t invent automations, and you likely automate simple workflows today. However, with Perygee automations are limitless and require no development resources.

With our visual builder you can configure new, end-to-end automations in seconds based on pre-defined or custom events such as anomalous behavior or changes to your data.

Example of an automation that alerts teams when there's a critical CVE in the ICU
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Are you ready to securely embrace IoT/OT?

Start exploring the platform and sign up for your free trial or contact us to chat about your IoT/OT challenges and upcoming projects.

No email or credit card required to try out the platform.

Perygee 2022 © All rights reserved

Perygee 2022 © All rights reserved