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We're building extensibility

Perygee is helping businesses of all sizes by building a holistic cybersecurity platform that implements security with a consumer-grade user experience.

Before Perygee, our co-founder and CEO, Mollie Breen worked in an operations office on the NSA’s offensive team. She saw first-hand the IoT/OT vulnerabilities that sparked the idea to build Perygee.

Our mission

To help companies of all sizes securely embrace IoT/OT

Leadership & advisors

Headshot of Mollie Breen

Mollie Breen

Co-founder & CEO

Mollie is the CEO of Perygee. Previously, Mollie created and led teams to strengthen critical infrastructure at the NSA that improved the security of all NSA operations. Her role as the technical lead on the AI/ML team at the Pentagon helped to modernize all military strategy and deployment. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MS in Engineering from Harvard University, as well as Mathematics and Computer Science degrees from Duke University.

Headshot of Mark Watabe

Mark Watabe

Co-founder & CTO

Before Perygee, Mark’s engineering, design, and product leadership at Tulip helped to scale the platform to hundreds of industrial operations. Mark has led the transformation of products from early prototype to enterprise platforms at numerous startups including BlueFin (acquired by Twitter). He holds an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a B.Arch from Rice University.

Headshot of John Donovan

John Donovan

Advisor to the Board | Former CEO of AT&T Communications

Headshot of Corey Thomas

Corey Thomas

Advisor | Chairman & CEO of Rapid7

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World-class cybersecurity investors

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“Perygee understands how to build for a new world where the lines between the digital and physical are blurred. They bring together the triple threat expertise of cybersecurity, IoT/OT operations, and bringing new technologies to markets in a customer-centric way.”

Barmak Meftah

General Partner

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If you want to be a part of building a next-gen cybersecurity platform and help advance our mission, we’d love to hear from you!

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Perygee 2022 © All rights reserved