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Learn about building teams and culture at Perygee, and how we are pushing the boundaries of cyber and cyber products at large.

A three-dimensional glass cube

What is Multidimensional Asset Visibility?

Organizations are seeking multidimensional asset visibility for a more comprehensive approach to IoT and OT security.

A 'Patching Dashboard' in Perygee's platform showing asset-specific firmware update and patching information

The importance of lifecycle management of IoT and OT devices

Exploring the significance of IoT and OT device lifecycle management, ensuring efficiency and security throughout their operational journey.

The data graph view in Perygee's platform showing multiple data types and how they relate to one another

How to avoid blind spots due to fragmented data

Enterprise-wide data consolidation is enabling security teams to streamline their operations and more effectively manage their asset inventory.

A logical security architecture diagram depicting segmented systems (ICS, Manufacturing, Connectivity, Administrative, Business) with inter-system communication requirements, color indicating the risk level, and notations for security solutions in each system

How to implement security segmentation using Perygee

A step-by-step approach to using Perygee to successfully adopt the NIST framework for security segmentation.

A blue-tinted office with people working on computers

Tips for protecting your small or medium-sized business from IoT security threats

We explore the IoT security challenges facing SMBs and steps they can take to minimize their risk.

An overwhelemed robot being entangled in wires

From security for no-code to no-code security: the evolution we needed

How no-code security can help improve efficiency and democratize the development process.

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Value Drivers Podcast with Mollie Breen

Mollie discusses her journey from NSA to the founding of Perygee

Products That Count's poster of Perygee as the '2023 Product Awards WINNER!'

Perygee Awarded Best Product in IoT Category

Perygee has been named a top IoT product in the 2023 Product Awards

A team of people in space suits working on computers surrounding a model of the Earth.

Three predictions for IT/OT convergence in 2023

The convergence of IT and OT will continue to be an important trend in the coming years, as organizations increasingly rely on technology to support and optimize their operations.

A cloud with a lock, symbolizing security, and a green, left-pointing arrow emerging from the cloud's left.

Shifting left for IoT applies to more than just coding

Read how you can apply shift left methodologies to your IoT security practices today.

Four blocks combining to reveal a word. The first two blocks show the letters 'F', and 'A.' The second two blocks are tilted to show 'C' and 'T' or 'K' and 'E,' spelling 'FACT' or 'FAKE'

6 Myths about IT/OT Convergence

We explore six common myths about IT/OT convergence and dispel them once and for all.

Two alternatively colored clouds converging

IT/OT Convergence: What it is, and why securing it matters

The gap between IT and OT has been narrowing at an accelerated pace resulting in new security challenges.

The Perygee team in person playing basketball

Founding Perygee

From NSA mathematician to helping any organization securely embrace IoT/OT in a digital world as the founder of Perygee.

Logo of Ballistic Ventures

Perygee Raises $4.75M Seed Round

Ballistic Ventures leads funding round with support from powerhouse cyber angels and female-founder fund.

A funnel diagram depicting how the Perygee team thinks about sharing cybersecurity with others.

Where to start when teaching cybersecurity

The Perygee guide for how we share cybersecurity with others.

A background of clocks with various emojis representing time spent doing activities

Our one core value

At our first company offsite we settled on one core value to drive our budding team culture.

Text on a screen with a pixelated filter

The next wave of OT hacks & industry response

Every new cybersecurity attack and vulnerability pushes the boundary on what we originally thought was possible within the cybersecurity industry.

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