Strategy & Operations

This is an exciting opportunity to work across business units, design and run operations, and solve for challenges to come as our first strategy and operations hire. You will have the opportunity to work on a mission furthering cybersecurity and enterprise products; work with talented and low-ego people; and shape the role (and company) for yourself and others going forward.

Company Overview: With the number of "internet of things" increasing across every enterprise from grocery store chains to hospitals and manufacturing plants, security teams are overwhelmed with securing each one. Perygee is rethinking cybersecurity entirely with the first no code platform built for cybersecurity that is easy to use, extensible, and brings security value to the whole organization. Perygee has big ambitions to secure the network and even bigger to shape what security teams can expect from their products.

This role is a good fit if you're eager to:

  • Work closely with the CEO on projects that support fast decision-making that move the business forward.
  • Collaborate between and consider the needs of technical and non-technical team members to facilitate key operations for the company.
  • Identify and create company-wide practices/materials/policies, and make sure they get implemented.

Some or all of the qualities you possess:

  • Eager to directly impact the day-to-day of the startup across every function.
  • Energized when every day is different and even when a day takes a big turn at a moment’s notice.
  • Structured in your thinking and able to put in frameworks around big ideas.
  • Succinct and clear creating materials like powerpoints, executive summaries, emails, etc.
  • Comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously and willing to take on any task big and small.
  • Naturally able to navigate between being down in the weeds on long term projects while also accomplishing quick wins
  • Taking projects to the end. When you start something, you finish it.
  • Wanting to make a big difference on the team, the company’s trajectory, and the cybersecurity space

To apply, send an email to with your resume and other relevant information.

45 School St, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA, USA 02108